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My short 5 month review

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Okay so this is my 5 month review.

Aimbot 10/10
The aimbot is VERY fucking good. You can customize literally whatever you want. Like RCS and aim fov or maybe autoshoot its endless.
Visuals 10/10
Okay, the visuals are just simply AMAZING! There is so much cool things you can do.
Misc 10/10
Literally everything i can dream of.
Community 11/10
The community is just perfect. Everytime i ask a question about the hack someone answers in like 4 seconds or so. And the staff is very friendly and nice!
sorri for my bad london im from hydraulic press channel



Thanks for your review, some days've been added to your sub!


You are here » HollywoodHook » Testimonial » My short 5 month review