Cheat: CSGOHook V1.6
Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Game Version: Latest
Engine: Source Engine (Orange Box)
Coder: Cali

- Streaming cleaner (Clean videos) (OBS/FFSplit etc.)
- Ring0 (Kernel Mode device protection)
- Metamorphic (Every time you load the cheat, it appears as a differnet file)
- AntiLeak Protection (Detect leeching,modifications,attempt to dump or attack the client software or cheats with nearly 100% efficiency)
- Secure Signature scanning (We use a unique method to defeat against 99% of anticheat's signature scanning methods and warn us about it)
- Support AC's: VAC2/VAC3/MM/SMAC +Leagues: FaceIT/Kickback

- Last detection - 17 December 2015 (VAC2/VAC3/MM/SMAC/FaceIT/Kickback)
- Unknown (ESEA/CEVO/ZenGaming/ etc.)

OS Support:
- Windows 7 x32 and x64
- Windows 8 x32 and x64
- Windows 8.1 x32 and x64
- Windows 10 x32 and x64

Price list:
$13.00 USD - 1 Month
$25.00 USD - 3 Months
$30.00 USD - 6 Months
$50.00 USD- 12 Months



LegitAim active
Aimbot Key [Any Key]
Perfect Silent Aim (MM/Casual/Community)
Perfect Prediction
Perfect Auto Wall
Randomized Sway (Mouse movement appears more legitimate)
Recoil control active
Recoil control system [0-100%]
Aim Curve line active
Set Curve line: (Aim-movement uses curve line)
Field Of View: [Hitbox 3D, Hitbox 2D, Standart, Smart]
Field Of View: [0-100]
Smooth speed: [0-100]
Aim on Friendly
Hitbox: [Nearest, Smart, Head, Neck, Body, Legs]

RageAim active
Auto Fire
Auto Wall / Perfect Auto Wall
Auto Pistol
Auto AWP
Auto Scope
Auto Crouch
Auto Stop
Silent Aim
No Spread active
No Spread [Min, Extra]
No Recoil
Field Of View: [0-100]
Hitbox: [Nearest, Smart, Head, Neck, Body, Legs]
Multibox: [Ultra, High, Normal, Off]
Hitchace: [0-100]
Min Damage: [0-100]
Resolver: [Precision, Overkill]
Anti-Aim active
Anti-Aim X: [Fake Down, Down, C-Down, Angel]
Anti-Aim Y: [Fake Backward, Backward, Fake Sidewest, Sidewest, Fake Forward, Slow Spinbot, Fast Spinbot, U-Angel, D-Angel]
Wall AA:[Fake Down, U-Angel, D-Angel, Slow Spinbot, Fast Spinbot]
Anti VAC Kick (Bypass) (No VAC Authentication Error)

Trigger active
Trigger Key: [Any Key]
Hitchance trigger: [High, Normal, Smart, Off]
Trigger on Friendly
Perfect Triggerbot
Auto Fire
Burst: [0-100]
Delay: [0-100]
Perfect Accuracy: [0-100%]

Panic Key: [Any Key]
Box active
Box Style: [Dynamic, 2D, 3D, Grid]
Glow Active
Glow Style: [Standart, Thin, Big]
Color Settings: [Any color, Any function]
Player names
Player weapons
Player distance
Player health
Player skeletons
Player armour
Player defuse
Player rank
Show only when visible
Dot Recoil crosshair
Item ESP
No Sky
No Flash
No Hands
Bomb Timer
Grenade line [+timer]
Distance: [meters] [0-100]
Size Box: [0-50]
Transparent: [0-255]

Anti Untrusted & SMAC
Auto Strafe active
Auto Strafe: [High, Normal]
Auto Surf: [Sidewest, Backward]
Auto Accept (for MM)
Anti-Anti-Aim: [X, Y, AA] / [Perfect AntiAntiAim: high, ultra]
Player list: [Blacklist, Friendlist, Priority]
Bunnyhop active
Bunnyhop Style: [Ultra, Expert, Legit]
Namestealer active
Namestealer: [CT, T, All, Smart]
Namestealer delay: [0-10]
Skin Changer: [Weapons + Knifes + Animations work well]
Stickers Changer
Fakelag active
Fakelag Key: [Any Key, Off]
Fakelag Style: [Hard, Normal]
Fakelag speed: [0-10]
Cheat-chat name spam: [low, fast]
Overwatch exploitELITE(25reports for anyone in your MM.)
Third Person View
Invisible name