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CSGOHook review after 1 month

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I think I tested the cheat enough now to make a little review :)

Aimbot: 10/10
- With the right config u can HvH every other public p2c cheat
- very nice configs for legit (using aNorar's with some own settings)
- all in all very strong and nice aimbot

Visuals: 10/10
- really good and a lot of nice options

Misc: 9,9/10

- nice settings for hvh and bhop
- -0,1 because i think the legit bhop is a bit too obvious, so i dont use it but it doesnt matter :D

Color Binds/Skinchanger etc. : 10/10
- Skinchanger very much options, u can put almost every skin on every weapon
- u can put nice colours on the models and menu, very nice

Community: 10/10
- if u have a question just post it and 2sec later anyone is helping u :D



Thanks for your review, some days've been added to your sub!


You are here » HollywoodHook » Testimonial » CSGOHook review after 1 month